Meeting of cultures

This performance is the result of a joint meeting of excellent musicians and dancers from Andalucia and Crete that started in «Haroupomilos», Panormo, in Crete, during winter 2007.

The cultural association of Panormo, «Epimenides» and its cultural centre «Haroupomilos» (Carob Mill) were established with the mission of organizing and hosting such events.

The joyful meeting of the two cultures have been strong contributing elements for the enrichment and further development of common activities in the future.

The present performance is nothing less than the realization of a dream that we had, to meet our peers who live at the other end of the Mediterranean.

This is the very essence of an alternative globalization for us, a vent from our world and an encounter with the world of others.

In addition, Crete’s cultural wealth has always been dependent on the co-existence of different cultures. Nowadays, it is of the utmost importance to reassess creative messages and values via our cultures and artistic creation. We need to understand that economies cannot contribute to human flourishing without relying fundamentally on peoples’ values and their cultures.

Musicians who belong geographically to cultures that originate in the wider area of the Mediterranean have initiated an effort to approach and bring together two kinds of traditional dance, the Flamenco and the traditional idiom of Crete.

The very instruments that express these two musical idioms direct and determine the frame in which the inspiration and the imagination of each musician – performer can bring it to life accurately and push it beyond its geographical limits.

These two musical traditions inextricably linked with dancing, as well as the improvisational mood of each individual  musician yield a new refreshing outlook.

The performance «Andalucia-Crete» was put together for the first time during winter 2007, at «Haroupomilos», Panormo.

It was also presented in February 2007 in Athens at the «Roes theatre».

During  winter 2008, the group met again at Haroupomilos and then performed in January in the same place in Panormo and then in Athens, at «Polis Theatre». These performances were organized by the «Epimenides» Cultural Association of Panormo, in co-operation with «Apollonia »Arts Productions and the «Cervantes» Ιnstitute Αthens.

Production Manager: Korinna Miliaraki